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When it comes to your Tax compliance, experience is critical. With over fourteen years of experience, Rachel S. Gibbs with Gibbs Financial Firm is sure not to only meet but exceed your needs. If we file your taxes, you don’t have to be afraid of the IRS and DOR.

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There are different rules and regulations for various businesses, nonresidents, recently unemployed workers, and others. We’ll eliminate the hassle. Let us be your trusted source for tax preparation. We offer REMOTE Tax preparation services for ALL states except (California, New York, Iowa and Maryland).

Personal Tax

​Taxes and tax returns aren’t always straightforward. Still, they don’t worry; hiring a professional will not only provide you with someone who meticulously helps you find deductions that may or may not apply to you. They’ll help you alleviate and errors.

Tax Preparation

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Small Business Tax

Attention to detail is essential while preparing your business tax returns as a sole proprietor. It’s easy to miss deductions or fail to provide the information needed to explain anomalies that the IRS may flag.

Small Business Tax Preparation (Schedule C) 

Small Business Tax Planning 

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14 Years of Experience

Enrolled Agent Candidate

Flat Tax Preparation Fees

Fast Turnaround

All returns are e-filled

Maximum refund guarantee

Minimum tax liability guarantee

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Review of permitted deductions and credits

Gibbs Financial Firm was established in 2016 by Rachel S. Gibbs. Finance has always been a part of Rachel's life from a young age. Her grandfather knew that education could be the very thing that sets her apart from her peers. Rachel took that opportunity and ran with it, immersing herself in finance with formal education and work experience. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Coastal Carolina University, A Masters in Business Administration in Management from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2015. Rachel started her professional career as an Insurance Regulator for the State of South Carolina. After her time there, she pursued a career as a Financial Crimes Investigator for a Big Four Accounting firm.

Tax preparation services are just a part of what Gibbs Financial Firm offers; with over Fourteen years of tax services experience, Rachel is willing and able to give you the most accurate information and advice as your taxes are being prepared. Her background knowledge furthers her expertise in meticulously pouring over your taxes, helping you find the deductions and credits that you deserve. Client relationships are the core of Gibbs Financial Firm. Rachel values every consumer, whether an individual or a business focusing on W2, 1099, and Sole Proprietor (Schedule C). She seeks to produce unmatched personalized service to every customer.