Rachel S. Gibbs is a Certified Financial Professional from Columbia, South Carolina. After developing her passion at a young age, she decided to take the professional path of finance. In 2013, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Coastal Carolina University and obtained a Master of Business Administration in Management from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2015. In the beginning stages of work, she began her role as an Insurance Regulator for the State of South Carolina Department of Insurance, later working for a Big Four accounting firm as a Financial Crimes Investigator. 


In 2016, Rachel Gibbs had a vision to educate the community about financial literacy- something desperately needed in many under-served communities. Wanting to end the cycle of financial illiteracy in communities, she founded Gibbs Financial Firm. The company was developed to teach others how to efficiently manage their funds to increase financial wealth, literacy, and obtain higher credit scores. Enforcing the mission to strengthen others’ relationships with money, the company provides Gibbs Financial Firm offers Financial Wellness, Tax Planning, Tax Preparation and Small Business Consulting. Gibbs continues to display her passion for finance through course and strategy, encouraging others to begin their journey of financial fitness. The discipline and money management skills she was taught in her youth has helped her equip more than 1,500 clients with the financial tools needed to help strengthen their relationship with money.

While the esteem of growing a 6-figure financial consulting firm has its perks, Rachel is not in the business of helping people for personal profit. She understands that one’s financial journey is a lifetime occurrence requiring diligence, knowledge and execution to maintain. It’s her mission to simply be the guiding light through the bumps and unforeseen curves encountered along that journey. Realizing the direct correlation between poverty and crime, especially within black and brown communities, Rachel feels personally responsible for using her extensive finance and money management knowledge to teach those who may have never fathomed a financially free life, beyond generations of paycheck-to-paycheck survival.

Also, Rachel is a two times best-selling author. Rachel has been featured on Associated Press, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times and many other media publications for her best-selling titles, How to Architect Your Kids’ Financial IQ and Financial Literacy Decoded. Although Rachel is very proud of her accomplishments, she likes to keep a low key profile and focus on educating the masses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you develop a stronger relationship with your money by analyzing the psychology behind your financial decisions and creating a plan to improve them. With a solid foundation and understanding of personal finance, we aim to change their lives forever by closing the wealth gap in underrepresented and underprivileged communities.