We offer many services to help you get your Small Business started, established and growing. These services include Business Start Up, Business Formation, Business Coaching, Business Credit, Business Funding.

Business Consultation

Have a business idea and you don't know what to do to turn it into a business? We can help you determine if your idea can turn into a profitable business and also, help you put a strategy together to implement to make it happen. This consultation will discuss:

  • Establishing Target Audience
  • Business Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Financials
  • Start Up Costs
  • Operation
  • Pricing​
  • and so much more

Business Formation

Before you start operating your business you need to make sure you legally organized properly. We can handle that for you.

Business formation includes:

  • Business State Incorporation
  • Business State DOR License
  • Business EIN

Ultimate Business Startup Package

Allow us to help you start your business from scratch. We serve as your Business Consultant to make sure you have everything you need to operate your business properly. The bundle includes:

  • Business Licensing and Incorporation
  • ​Business website and logo
  • Business accounting, tax and banking advising
  • Business marketing strategy
  • Business system and process guidance and setup

Business Credit

Build Business Credit and establish business scores with NO Personal Guarantee. We establish 7 trade line approvals for your LLC or Corporation.

You can build business credit for any age entity - brand new or aged. Personal scores do not matter, and ALL approvals are based on your LLC or INC's EIN, NO SSN required.